Joy today: The creative projects I’ll be writing, filming, and recording this Fall

This Fall, I’ll be working on a few different creative projects that are now in pre-production:

Emerson Page
I’m going to finish my second Emerson Page novel by December 31, 2019. This sequel has taken longer than I hoped it would, but that’s mostly because I want it to be even better than the first book. I don’t know when the book will be released, but as soon as I have a date I’ll let you know!

While I work on writing the second book, I will also be recording the audiobook for book one of the series, Emerson Page and Where the Light Enters, and launching it on Audible later this year. I’m so pleased to share that actress Alexandra Taylor will be recording the audio book. I’ll be producing, directing, and editing it. The audiobook will have cut scenes that were not included in the book, and it will have some other Easter eggs as well for listeners to hear. I’m really excited to make the beginning of Emerson’s journey accessible in this format.

Additionally, I’m going to work on filming a couple of short scenes from the book—enough to put together a short trailer for a limited run TV series or feature film.

New York City’s Secrets and Lies
I’ll be writing and filming the pilot episode of New York City’s Secrets and Lies. Originally staged as a live game show of two truths and a lie with New York City secret history, I’ve got ideas of how to take this concept to a wider audience via TV and streaming services.

I’ll be filming and editing a series of short films showcasing joy. A set of talented, hilarious, and passionate people will be showing me and telling about one thing that brings them a supreme amount of joy. From ballroom dance to stage fighting to the teaching history to bullet journals, get ready to smile wider than you ever thought possible.

In Whiskey We Trust
I finally figured out the right threads to tell New York City’s whiskey story in an immersive, location-based tour. I’m working on stitching it all together now and will run a beta this Fall.

Looking forward to sharing all of the progress with you in the coming months! If you’re interested in being involved in any of these projects, please let me know.

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