This just in: What we need is right in front of us

Qualia Coffee
Qualia Coffee

On Saturday, I wanted to get back to editing my novel, Where the Light Enters. I’ve left it alone for some time. I’ve been busy getting the rest of my life under control and I had a few distractions take up a lot of my headspace the past few months. Now I’m back to editing and revising. I missed Emerson Page.

I decided that I wanted to get out of the house to do this editing. I hopped on the metro and visited a number of different cafes in different neighborhoods. All of them were too crowded. I love The National Portrait Gallery’s courtyard so I stopped in there only to find a rap music event happening. After over an hour of searching, I decided to just head home to my neighborhood. I almost went right home, feeling more than slightly defeated, when I thought of Qualia Coffee, a cafe and micro roaster in my neighborhood that I’ve been meaning to visit.

Perfection! Qualia is actually much bigger inside than it looks. They brew a perfect cup of coffee and didn’t mind a bit that I sat there all afternoon. They have great art, fun music, and a number of customers working away on laptops. I learned my lesson: sometimes what we need is right in front of us if only we will open our eyes to see it.

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