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This just in: Letting go

Floating fairytale by Rick Nadal.
Floating fairytale by Rick Nadal.

Letting go is a choice rooted in the desire to be free from emotions that do us more harm than good, and the circumstances that cause those emotions. They’re often deeply entrenched within us and that familiarity, no matter if those emotions are positive or negative, breeds a certain level of comfort. We’re sure of those emotions, even if we don’t necessarily like them. To release them is to drift out into the unknown. Here’s what I’m learning: when you let go, you don’t sink. You float.

3 thoughts on “This just in: Letting go”

  1. Well said! Float and get ready to rise on the incoming wave carrying a new vision, new emotional strengths to grow into with new experiences to match . . . at least that’s been my experience.


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