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Leap: How to View People Properly

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“To understand the heart and mind of a person, look not at what he has already achieved, but at what he aspires to.” ~ Khalil Gibran

Dreams tell us a lot about someone because dreams process the past, accept the present, and create the future. The narrative of a life grows from dreams and is fueled by actions taken to animate them.

Dreams tell us what someone values above all else because they are wishes of an ideal. When someone tells me they have big dreams, I pay attention because our dreams house the very best version of ourselves.

When I meet someone, I immediately want to know who they are at their best. That best self is pure potential and I’m in the business of helping people harness that potential and transform it into their truth.

2 thoughts on “Leap: How to View People Properly”

  1. “When I meet someone, I immediately want to know who they are at their best.”

    Me too! Often my first question of a new acquaintance is, “Who are you in your wildest dreams?” One of the people I asked that of 30 years ago said he wanted to score movies. It seemed a pretty wild dream at the time but I was pretty sure he would have his dream one day. I wrote a blog post about him when it did come true, Old Friends Sometimes Turn Up Famous http://scottfree2b.wordpress.com/2007/06/29/old-friends-sometimes-turn-up-famous/ I always believe in dreams.


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