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Welcome to JoyProject!

The Joy of What's Next with Christa Avampato — Season 1 Finale JoyProject

This episode is a part of the JoyProject podcast: In the Season 1 Finale episode, Christa talks about what she learned from the 20 episodes in Season 1 of JoyProject, what’s coming up for Season 2, and how she’d love for you to be involved. Topics discussed in this episode: – A tribute to Christa’s stepfather who loved this podcast and who sadly passed away on December 11, 2022 – The inspiration for the name and content of this podcast – A brief recap of all the interviews in Season 1 – What’s in store for Season 2 – How you can be involved in Season 2 Links to resources: – The website for JoyProject with all the episodes, show notes, and links – – Christa on Twitter – @christanyc – Christa on Instagram – @christarosenyc – Christa on Facebook – @AuthorChrista – Christa on Medium – @christaavampato – Christa’s website – About Christa: Christa Avampato is an award-winning author, business leader, and biomimicry scientist. She is the creator and host of the JoyProject podcast. She is equally inspired by ancient wisdom and modern technology. She's a proliferator of goodness, champion of nature, opener of doors, fan of laughter, and proud New Yorker.
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Episode Title:
Welcome to JoyProject!

Episode summary:
In this very brief episode, I explain what this podcast is all about—interviewing people about something that brings them joy. Joy impacts our mental and physical health. In this difficult world, we need to find and create joy to take care of ourselves and take care of each other. Creating this podcast is my contribution to the joy movement.

In this episode, you’ll hear:
– why the topic of joy is so important (especially now!)
– the main premise and format of the podcast
– publishing schedule
– naming convention of the episodes
– how to get more information about each topic
– my surprise at the end of each episode—something that’s bringing me joy that week that’s related to the subject of that episode
– Joyful News mini-episodes, a collection of recent news stories that bring me joy

Hi everyone. I’m Christa Avampato, the creator and host of JoyProject. On this podcast I start every interview by asking our guest that week a simple question, “What brings you joy”. The answers and conversations are varied and wide and beautiful. There are so many of us out here who are joy seekers and joy makers, and I hope these episodes have a cozy feel and make you feel like you’re sitting around a table with us, enjoying a toasty beverage and raising a glass to the joy that’s all around us.

With everything happening in the world, we need more joy in our lives. It’s what lifts us up in the darkest times, helps us celebrate the good times, and provides us with an opportunity to reflect on what we’re grateful for. There’s a lot of tough and painful news out there. It’s important to be knowledgeable about what’s happening and do everything we can to help others. Joy and difficulty are not mutually exclusive. We can and do experience a wide range of emotions every moment of every day. I hope this podcast brings you more light and more hope.

The interviews cover a wide variety of topics and confirm that we can find joy everywhere. Every other week on Tuesdays mornings, I’ll release a new interview and at the end of the interview I’ll share something that’s bringing me joy that week that’s related to the subject of that episode. When I was a kid, I received a copy of the legendary book The Joy of Cooking by Irma S. Rombauer from my Uncle Tom and Aunt Mary. That book started my love affair with the concept of joy. In honor of Irma and her wonderful cookbook, each episode will be named The Joy of and whatever brings joy to the guest I’m interviewing that week.

On the website, I’ll have links to listen to episodes, extra information and resources that are mentioned in the interviews, photos, show notes, episode transcripts, and a link where you can tell me something that brings you joy. In each episode I’ll shout out someone who submits something joyful on the website. You can also get in touch with me on Twitter at christanyc and on Instagram at christarosenyc.

In addition to an interview every other week, I’ll also release a short episode of joyful news. Inspired by the Drew Barrymore Show that has a segment of good news called Drew’s News, I want to highlight joyful news happening in the world. This joyful news segment will be a collection of recent news stories that bring me joy, and I hope they’ll bring you joy, too. We all need joy for our mental and physical health. Joy gives us the strength and energy to keep helping each other and to build a better world for all beings. This podcast is one of my contributions to do just that.

Thanks for being here. Thanks for listening. Welcome to our joyful community. I’m so glad you’re here and I’m honored to bring more joy into your life with every episode. I hope joy becomes a daily practice for you. I hope you create it, revel in it, and share it. And I hope you’ll tell me all about it. Take my hand and let’s dive in. I’m your host, Christa Avampato and this is the JoyProject.