Wonder: If it’s meant for you, you’ll have it

Last Saturday, I hit a wall with unpacking and settling into my new apartment. As luck would have it, I had a chance to go to Washington Animal Rescue League to play with puppies. I’ve been looking for a companion dog for Phineas since he loved having Otis as constant company for the past year and a half. My friend, Jen, offered to go with me, and her friend, Julie, said she had found the potentially perfect match for Phin. Tired, worn, and reluctant, I went. And as luck (or providence, if your beliefs tend toward the divine) would have it, Julie and Jen were 100% right. We found the perfect match. She wasn’t what I thought she’d be. She was even better.

But I wasn’t ready. My apartment was a mess of boxes, piles of belongings, and bubble wrap. I had no furniture. I could barely keep my eyes open. This was not a time for a new dog. And still, I couldn’t stop thinking about that beautiful pup that we met. I kept imagining her in this apartment, rolling around on the floor with Phin. I thought about her meeting all of my friends. I thought about all the fun places I would take her and Phin, and how relieved I would feel that Phin had the perfect forever friend. The shelter doesn’t hold animals, and for good reason. I decided that if this sweet girl is meant for us, she would be available next weekend for us to take home into an apartment that is ready for her.

And now it looks like, yes, we will get her on Saturday. No one has adopted her yet, and I put in my application. No guarantees until everything is 100% complete, but the odds are looking good for us.

The lesson isn’t lost on me. Be clear about what you can and can’t do. Trust the process. Know that what you are seeking is also seeking you. And you don’t need to have it all figured out to move something forward. You just need the next step. And that’s exactly what we’ve got. Expect an update over the weekend on our new pack member!