Wonder: Bold leadership for Washington D.C.’s metro

Washington D.C.’s Metro has issues. Big issues. Fires, smoke, disabled trains, broken tracks, and the list goes on. And the city is growing and changing in terms of population and geography. It needs a modern transportation system that makes safety a priority, and that takes money, time, and leadership.

Paul Wiedenfeld was recently hired as the new GM after the top spot sat vacant for many months. He took on the near-impossible task of getting anything in Washington government to move quickly, efficiently, and effectively. Yesterday he released his plan of what it will take to fix Metro’s many problems. His plan is taking 3 years of urgent repair work and compressing it into 1 year. It’s going to take sacrifice. It’s going to be messy. It’s going to be inconvenient for tens of thousands of people. And it’s got to be done.

What Wiedenfeld is doing is the difficult work of leading. Leadership is gut-wrenching work, particularly in times of distress and change. But that’s when it’s needed most. Anyone can lead through good times. When the going gets tough, we learn who the real leaders are and what they’re made of.

To check out Wiedenfeld’s plan, click here.