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My award-winning novel young adult novel, Emerson Page and Where the Light Enters, received the Nautilus Book Award for Young Adult fiction, the Readers’s Favorite Gold Award for Your Adult Fiction – Adventure, and the Wind Dancer Films Award

Stage play in production in New York City: 
Sing After Storms

Science writing:
In Times of Scarcity, Be an Emperor Penguin
Health pieces for The Washington Post:
The gift of a stroke
At Sentara, people are the priority
Stemless shoulder replacement gives renewed hope to active people managing arthritis
Metabolic surgery paves the way to health and happiness for a mother of five
Sentara’s Innovative Cancer Treatment Saves Weeks of Treatment Time
The Sentara Stroke Team Generates a Miracle Recovery
Sentara’s new surgery center elevates patient care to new heights
A Woman’s Heart Matters
Prince George’s Hospital Center is here for your heart’s health
Treehouse Eyes is innovating eye care for children

Royal Media Partners
Serial Addiction: Creators of This American Life Bring New Life to Radio Drama
Belize Gets the Hollywood Treatment: Leonardo DiCaprio Wants More Than an Oscar. He Wants to Save the World.
Ten Years In, YouTube is Still Going Strong

The Huffington Post
Our story is our choice

PBS MediaShift
The Art of Collaboration: Inside the New York Theatre Workshop
Prehype Uses Collaboration to Bring Startup Culture to Big Companies

Top 10 reasons I love and will miss David Letterman as host of the Late Show
Matthew McConaughey’s un-branding built ‘Dallas Buyers Club’
I Fell for Dance – Review of City Center’s 2013 Fall for Dance Festival
I’m a feminist and no, that’s not a curse word
What women in engineering like Deborah Estrin teach us about creativity
Project Hope: Helping New Yorkers in Need One Year After Hurricane Sandy
The most gracious host in town: The Meeting* with Justin Sayre at New York City’s 54 Below

Business / Technology / Personal Finance / Career:
DMA2014 Coverage
Netflix and Marvel show data is the new black
Nice banks finish first: Why TD Bank is on a ‘Thank you’ rampage
Why marketers finally joined the female empowerment movement
Why millennials buy: A case study of Volkswagen in China
What’s next in wearables
What the mobile mind shift means for your retail brand
How to make an activist consumer your champion
Get your customers to second that emotion: How video can make the sale

IAB sponsored content
Six questions to consider before you choose a location-based mobile development partner
IAB takes its mobile location data show on the road
Digital advertising protocols: the rising tides that will lift all digital advertising boats

ad:tech San Francisco conference coverage
Five considerations to create beautiful wearable tech
Do you want sound with that? Books get a soundtrack with Booktrack
Get it together: The only social media strategy you need
Let’s get physical: The fitness tech revolution
Pets go high-tech
How brands become publishers: GoPro and Mountain Dew
Five questions when translating content across stage, screen, and page
Is your website copy loaded with BS? White Rhino can tell you.
Technology and books: James Patterson makes a play to save bookstores in the digital age
Be a hero: PulsePoint mobile app helps ordinary people save their neighbors’ lives

Everywhere Else Tennessee conference coverage
The seven Ps of product development
Richard Barton’s startup philosophy and five industries ripe for tech innovation
Interview with Josh Hix, co-founder and co-CEO of Plated
Interview with Ryan Hoover, co-creator Product Hunt / EIR Tradecraft
The unique talent challenges for Everywhere Else startups and how to solve them
Interview with Ben Yoskovitz: ‘You need to be the best.’
Five cities outside of Silicon Valley that should create and bolster tech startup hubs
To build your startup, looks for these four hidden opportunities
Five things all entrepreneurs should do within the first 90 days of launching their businesses
Recipe for Press: Amy Flurry provides guidance on how to be a PR pro regardless of your location
Five online classes on Coursera that will boost your startup skills no matter where you live
Kansas City and Detroit make tech a cornerstone of their revivals
How city governments can spur entrepreneurship
Use conferences to find your pack and stay motivated
Nicole Glaros from Techstars explains why being outside Silicon Valley is an advantage for startups

Wise Bread
Are you Eating the 10 Most Over-priced Restaurant Menu Items?
10 Things All Successful Freelancers Do
The 10 Things You Need to Do If You Want to Quit Your Job
6 Personal Finance Books You Should Read
Do This One Thing Every Day to Defeat Out-of-Control Spending
6 Things You Can Do to Help an Unemployed Friend Find a Job
How to Get Someone to Accept Your LinkedIn Invitation
9 Techniques That Can Help Your Conquer Any Fear
How to Stop Being Afraid and Start Living Your Dreams
How to Spend Less on Everything in 2014
Getter Better Sleep With These 5 Great Sleep-Tracking Apps
5 Ways to Totally Change a Room for Under $50
How to Balance Saving for Retirement, Emergency Fund, and Paying Off Debt
8 Ways to Improve Your Career, Get Ahead, and Become Upwardly Mobile
Amazon Prime Benefits and How to Avoid the Price Hike

The Motley Fool
Why Chip Wilson Resigning From Lululemon Board is Great News for Yoga Lovers (also syndicated by AOL DailyFinance)
6 Things That Could Prevent Amazon Prime Air From Getting Off the Ground
How Amazon Prime Air’s Drone Technology Could Affect Other Businesses
Tips and Tools to Make Cyber Monday Merry, Bright, and Affordable
The Economic Implications of the Iran Nuclear Deal (also syndicated by AOL DailyFinance)
Shopping Apps and Tips to Save You Money on Christmas Shopping
Your Brain Is Hardwired to Love Black Friday Deals
Giving Americans Cheap Car Insurance Without Bankrupting Insurance Companies Is Easier Than You Thin (also syndicated by AOL DailyFinance)
How to Make a Viral Video: Dove Beauty Sketches
The Best Time to Buy Airline Tickets? It’s Not So Simple Anymore (also syndicated by AOL DailyFinance)
Buying Stock in Athletes a Win-Win for Players and Fans (also syndicated by AOL DailyFinance)

ad:tech NY Coverage
Got Klout?: The Meaning Behind Your Social Media Numbers
Want to connect with the most influential people on social media? Get Little Bird.
How social technologies transform company culture and profits
What all brands can learn from three stellar social media campaigns
Playtex Baby and Umpqua Bank become partners to their customers, are awarded with social media engagement
Social Advocacy: The Best Way to Boost a Brand’s Bottom Line
Why we’re spending a lot of time but very little money on social advertising
Brands, your perfect local publishing partner is The Weather Channel
Exciting social media engagement for dull verticals
The rule of engagement: how to drive mobile brand loyalty
Why user experience is the new black: three top brands weigh in
Six lessons we can learn about brand advocacy from pro sports teams
Gary Vaynerchuk gets personal about business
Interview on brand advocacy with John Bell of Social@Ogilvy

Advertising Week Coverage
Surprise!: Key takeaways from Advertising Week
Mike Hughes: The man behind The Martin Agency
Al-Jazeera America: The white elephant in the media world
Marketing on the Front Lines of Health
People as brands as publishers: Building a business from a blog
New York Times CEO Forum: They have seen the future and the future is us
An interactive conversation with challenger brands: The Guardian and Warby Parker
The talent mandate: How to cast for the 21st century
How the world’s top creative directors come up with the big ideas
Best worst ideas: A lesson in risk taking in advertising
Balls of steel and other necessary assets for startup founders
Cuba, Johnny Cash, Chipotle and J. Crew: Viral video done right
When a blog becomes a brand
Full of tomorrow: How brands can embrace technology to change our daily lives
Women find their voice: From information seekers to content creators
Digital storytelling: Brands that get it and work it
Classroom for one, please
Drones: The new frontier of journalism, data gathering and sightseeing
The eyes (and voice) have it: The age of voice-controlled image editing has arrived
Meet your new virtual assistant: Glass, Google Glass

Lego’s Story Maker app for kids
Having my phone stolen cost me $0 with Sprint Easy Pay
Got e-waste? Best Buy to the electronics-recycling rescue
5 technology innovations to help football get its best game on
Tennis tech: How a 141-year-old sports adapts to a modern world
Your cyborg dreams and ethical challenges they pose
The debate over ethics in social media heats up
Five ways to learn to code at home for (nearly) free
A temporary health tattoo that can help reduce stress, the root cause of as much as 90% of all illness
Why on Earth would a small business need digital marketing?

Business Week

92Y blog
Former New York Governor Mario Cuomo Has a Message For Obama

How to Build Your Confidence to Pitch Business
Business Development Actions to Take in the First Month of Your Startup

Bplans: Up and Running
5 Industries Ripe for Innovative New Ideas

Stop Waiting and Startup: Advice from Entrepreneurial Experts Pam Slim and Chris Guillebeau
Should Public Schools Teach Entrepreneurship?

YFS Magazine (Young Fabulous and Self-Employed)
4 Ways to Determine if There’s a Market for Your Business

Triple Pundit
Angel, VC, Crowdfunding, or Bootstrap – Which Funding Model is Right for You?

MedCity News – iTriage: A Mobile App That Is Saving Lives Thanks to the U.S. Government

Innovation Leader
The innovation week in review: What you need to read

Weekly Trend: Startups Using Curation to Transform Education

Khan Academy: Putting humanity back in ed tech

Boston Globe
STEM Challenge: Seeking the Future

Sesame Workshop blog
Build It and They Will Learn: How the Design of a School Impacts Learning
A Day at the Museum: The National STEM Video Game Challenge Launches with a Series of Workshops That Teach Kids to Make Video Games
National STEM Video Game Winners at the White House Science FairJoin Us at Games for Change
You(th) Media: The National STEM Video Game Challenge at Games for Change

Ghostwriting for Microsoft Citizenship blog
Microsoft Congratulates Winners of the Third Annual National STEM Video Game Challenge
Young Kodu designer showcases at 2013 White House Science Fair

Health, Wellness, and Food:
care ADvantage
Y-O-G-A Spells Stress Relief (pages 16-18)

Wise Bread
13 Seasonal Dishes for Your Next Fall Feast
5 Ways to Detox for Fall Without an Expensive Juice Cleanse
10 Easy Ways to Burn Almost 1000 Extra Calories Per Day
10 Ways to Work Stretching Into Your Daily Routine
5 Ways that Negativity Can Help You
Turn Your Home Into a Spa With These 5 Frugal Stress Relievers
You Might Be Breathing Wrong—Here’s What You Should Do Instead
7 Surprising Cooking Hacks That Save Time
5 Awesome Cooking Tricks for Single People
8 Quick Ways to Boost Energy Without Caffeine
7 Ways to Sleep Better in Fewer Hours
Drink Your Tea: Types, Health Benefits, and How to Brew a Perfect Cup
6 Natural and Effective Ways to Change Your Brain Chemistry and Be Happier
10 Ways to Get Strong Bones Without Eating Dairy
10 Surprising Benefits of a 10 Minute Walk
Science Proves It: You NEED to Take a Vacation
5 Amazing Online Cooking Show that Teach You All the Skills You Need

Crazy Sexy Life
How Yoga and Meditation Will Help Us Create a Brighter, Better Future

A Charmed Yogi
Is Yoga Right for Me?

Therapeutic Yoga Training Program
Those Who Heal, Teach

This Dish is Vegetarian
Sipping Up the Benefits of Tea

Elephant Journal
Personal Finance Lessons from the Yoga Mat

The Ins and Outs of Being a Yoga Teacher Trainee

Overcoming Insomnia with Yoga and Meditation

The Daily Meal
Can Yoga Help Us Lose Weight?

The Well Daily
Free Yoga in Unexpected Places
The Wonders of Coconut Oil

Yoga, Meet Finance: Applying Ancient Wisdom to a Modern World

Why I Decided to Teach Yoga to Underserved Populations

Parent Guide News November 2012 issue
Should You Eat Like a Caveman: Pros and Cons of the Paleo Diet

Do You Yoga
Ujjayi: A Breathing Technique That Spells Victory
A Meditation for Healing
4 Simple Ways to Prevent Shoulder Pain in Daily Life
How to Fit Yoga Into Your Holidays
How to Take a Full Breath
Yoga for Immunity
5 Ways to Improve Concentration
Yoga Infographics To Motivate Your Practice
How to Do Spring Cleaning Yoga Style

Lifestyle / Inspirational:
Wise Bread
7 Ways to Become Your Own Life Coach
The 5 Hardest-to-Kill Houseplants
5 Awesome Staycations You Should Take Before Winter Ends
7 Homemade Pet Products That Are Cheaper and Better Than Store Bought
4 Ways Stores Trick Us Into Impulse Buys (and How to Resist)

Daily Worth
You are Enough

The Journal of Cultural Conversation

World’s Strongest Librarian

Owning Pink

Have a Beginner’s Mind

From Home to Alone and (Dog)spired

The American Museum of Natural History Shows Us That We Are Indeed What We Eat
Matilda the Triumphant
Museum of Mathematics Makes It Possible for Kids and Adults to Play with Numbers
Bryant Park Plays Host to a Festive Outdoor Party All Year Round
Galli Theater Presents Little Red Riding Hood

Huffington Post
Bringing Yoga to Public Libraries

Compass Yoga: Bringing Free Yoga to Those in Need

New Learning Times
National STEM Video Game Challenge

More than just play: game-based learning environments are powerful tools for STEM

Moving with Grace
Writing, Yoga, and the Creative Habit

Manduka Yoga’s Yogi of the Week – on my personal yoga journey and the founding of my nonprofit, Compass Yoga.

LinkedIn iDEA UVA’s Innovators, Designers & Entrepreneurs in Action – How Deep is Your iDEA Well?, on the subject of entrepreneurship, innovation, and idea generation

STEM Video Game Challenge Encourages Librarians to Mentor Students

103 Ways to Create Sharp Blog Content (book)“At only 29 pages, this quick read will be a reliable blogging resource for years to come. You’ll get 103 bite-size tips from author Sara Lancaster and the 17 professional bloggers who shared their secrets for writing sharp blog content. Each tip is simple, yet packs a powerful punch.”

YogaCity NYC
– on the subject of yoga, meditation, and wellness as a catalyst for change in the healthcare system

Screen Gabber
– on the subject of social media during the 2008 BlogHer conference in New York City

Wall Street Journal
– social media and the rise in popularity of economics blogs during the 2008 / 2009 recession.

Creative Liberty
– Part of the In the Studio… series. On the subject of creative habits and how to recharge our creative batteries when they’re running low

Bundle.com with Kate Ashford: “Pay Down Debt in a Hurry”
– on the importance of having a financial plan and paying off debt quickly

YogaCity NYC
– Feature on my yoga teaching and the mission of Compass Yoga, my NYC-based nonprofit that provides yoga and wellness programming to people with mental and physical health challenges.

Lead Copywriter for Jobpods, a startup that encourages, inspires, and advises the new generation of professionals and the recruiters who wish to work with them. I am also a feature writer for the site on how to navigate your career in the newfangled world of work.

Lead Copywriter for Arturo Peal’s website. Arturo is a Santa Barbara-based Yoga Therapist and Aikido Master.

Lead Copywriter for rGENERATOR’s new website.

Lead Copywriter for the Compass Yoga site. Compass Yoga is a nonprofit that I founded and run to provide free and low-cost yoga and meditation classes to people who would otherwise not have access to this practice as a part of their health and wellness regimen.

Short film for the National STEM Video Game Challenge, a project I managed while consulting at Sesame Workshop. Click here to view.

Fundraising proposal writer for PBS’s MediaShift.

Workshops / presentations:
Avon Corporate Headquarters Diversity Events (New York City and White Plains, NY), Fall 2012 – Finding the OM in Everything: 8 Days in India

NYU ITP Graduate Program, Summer 2012 and Fall 2012Taming the Monkey Mind: Yoga and Creative Focus

GLOC: Gorgeous Ladies of ComedyMeditation for Performers

West Harlem Art Fund, Fall 2012 – Yoga and the Creation of Community

SXSW 2011 and 2012. 2011 – featured Core Conversation entitled: Taming the Monkey Mind – Yoga and Creative Focus; 2012 – featured Core Conversation on the value of yoga for the tech and start-up communities.

Jericho Project, Summer 2011 – benefits of yoga and meditation for men over the age of 50.

Hunter College, Fall 2009 on the subject of social media and popular elections. The presentation is available on line via Slideshare.

Upcoming Writing Projects:
1.) A third book that provides guidance on personal finance based upon yoga principles to build a healthy, happy life

2.) A young adult book that explores the idea of karma through the adventures of a 10-year old living on Manahttan’s Upper West Side

3.) A play that centers around a modern day family drama.

For more information on the Creative Commons License:
Creative Commons License
Hope in Progress: 27 Entrepreneurs Who Inspired Me During the Great Recession by Christa Avampato is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-No Derivative Works 3.0 United States License.
Based on work at christainnewyork.com.
Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available at http://christainnewyork.com


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