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Leap: Truth Steps Into the Spotlight

Image from A Charmed Yogi

“Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon, and the truth.” ~Buddha via A Charmed Yogi

Once we begin to live our truth, once we begin to walk the path that we were meant to take, we cannot turn back. Like a genie free from its bottle, the truth cannot be sent back into hiding and we have no choice but to embrace its power and wisdom. It will force us to be who are at our very essence. It cannot be unseen, undone, nor deterred. Once free, it sets us free, too.

Yesterday I arrived home after a long and productive day of yoga teacher training at ISHTA to a lone piece of mail from the University of Virginia, one of my alma maters. It was clearly a bulk mailing sent to tens of thousands of alums and many times that type of mail finds its home in my recycle bin. On the elevator ride up to my apartment, I heard a clear and confident voice say, “Open it.” It surprised me, so much so that without hesitation I opened it immediately.

And there it was – on the front cover a story that confirmed my decision to leap from my current full-time job in financial services to focus on my career in health and wellness. Following the advice of my friend and mentor, Richard, I went to my stationery box and wrote out two notes to the people featured in the article to offer my assistance and partnership in their recent efforts at the University. In the last few years, it’s become a habit of mine to put pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard) every time I see someone doing something interesting that overlaps with my interests and to whom I can be helpful. Many times, there is no response. The times there is a response have altered my life and path in very profound ways. I hope my recent notes fall into the latter camp.

The truth has a power more potent than we realize – it allows us to connect and collaborate with other like minds. Once we howl, and that howl is clear, concentrated, and genuine, we find our pack. The truth is the vehicle that allows us to tap into a higher consciousness. Once we open to it, it opens doors for us that we never even knew were available to us. It’s as if we’ve been staring into the dark for so long, fumbling and futzing our way forward when suddenly the truth strikes the match that lights up the whole path. It will point out our obstacles and then show us a way around them. It will hand us the tools we need to continue our journey, free from the constant hang-ups of worry, fear, and doubt.

My truth is that I was meant to spend my days teaching people to be well before they ever get sick and teaching those who are sick that within them they have the strength to be well. What’s your truth?

About Christa Avampato

I am a product developer and ed tech product manager who is equally inspired by new technology and ancient wisdom, a yoga and meditation teacher who learns from my students every day, and a writer who believes that creativity and determination is the most powerful duo on Earth. My creative career has stretched across Capitol Hill, Broadway theatre, education, nonprofit fundraising, health and wellness, and Fortune 500 companies in retail, media, and financial services. I now work for an innovative ed tech startup in Washington D.C. In every experience, I have used my sense of and respect for elegant design to develop meaningful products, services, program, and events that make people happy. A recovering multi-tasker, I am a proud alum of UPenn (BA) and the Darden School at UVA (MBA). When not in front of my Mac, I’m on my yoga mat, walking my rescue dog, Phineas, traveling with a purpose, or practicing the high-art of people watching. Follow my adventures at My Google Profile+


4 thoughts on “Leap: Truth Steps Into the Spotlight

  1. Christa – your insight is amazing and wise … Ah … your truth. I want to find you again. I can’t wait to read about your journeys. I’d love to connect with you again, come take a yoga class and/or have a picnic in the park. Celebrate life and abundance. Enjoy. Anne


    Posted by Anne Kanengeiser | May 7, 2012, 9:49 am
  2. What a powerful post with amazing images especially howling. I like you howl and see who joins my circle and pack. So happy I reached out to you. My truth is to speak my truth through poetry, and inspire others on their path to healing and freedom. What a magnificent calling as the path continues to unfold before me.


    Posted by Mary McManus | May 7, 2012, 3:13 pm

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